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Toddler Ted is a master of stalling techniques, so parents beware: reading this at bedtime could lengthen your nightly routine. While playfully partaking in the activities leading up to going to bed (sitting on the potty, brushing teeth, etc.), Ted pretends to be 10 different creatures, from a baby crocodile to a baby porcupine. Good-natured Dad plays along with an action appropriate to the creature, usually ending with the refrain “and tuck him into bed.” Finally, with Ted in bed, Dad acknowledges what a big boy he is while recapping their lively adventure. The various animal sounds and action words in the short text, coupled with Chorao’s pleasing illustrations, featuring a mop-topped Ted and his pretend menagerie, make this a fun read-aloud for parent and child and a natural for sharing with a young group of children.

Time for Bed, Baby Ted
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