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... Debra Sartell’s Time for Bed, Baby Ted is not only fun but also unusual. Instead of mommy putting a child to bed, in this book it is daddy, with mom nowhere to be seen. And instead of skipping over all the little elements that make up a bedtime ritual, this book includes all of them—even Ted sitting on the potty. Kay Chorao’s illustrations make Ted’s familiar-to-every-parent pre-bed delaying tactics absolutely adorable, and Sartell’s rhyming story—in which Ted pretends to be a whole series of animals that his father has to guess—is delightfully told. ... Parents feeling frazzled by their children’s bedtime routines (or non-routines) will find Time for Bed, Baby Ted as calming as their kids themselves will. And the final picture of Ted giggling as he settles into bed is just too cute for words.

Time for Bed, Baby Ted
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