We'll focus on being a Bedtime Hero. Let’s get into bed, just like baby Ted! to arrange a reading.
It's a Pajama Party with Ted and his pretend menagerie. This reading is great for pajama days at schools and a perfect evening special event for bookstores. I’ll be in my penguin pajamas, so I hope you’ll come in your favorite pajamas too.
Children will receive Bedtime Hero badges and bookmarks. There are three badges to select from—the seal, the mouse, and the duck, from Kay Chorao’s lovely illustrations from the book.
During the presentation, children can participate by calling out the animal sounds. Bark, bark, barking—squeak, squeak, squeaking—quack, quack, quacking.
Afterwards, we’ll have a lively discussion about getting ready for bed, favorite bedtime stories and getting to sleep quickly, so we can begin playing in our dreams. What do you dream about?
For the finale, we’ll all cheer, “I’m a bedtime hero, I'm a bedtime hero, I'm a bedtime hero.”
At The End, each child will get one more Bedtime Hero badge to stick on their pajamas that night after they tuck themselves into bed, just like baby Ted.
Extra Option: I could make a “Nighty Night/Sweet Dreams potion” with the children. I would provide muslin bags and dried lavender flowers and each child would measure out one-quarter cup of flowers into their bag, tie it off with a label, and stamp it with an animal stamp.
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